NYC: Redlining, Then & Now


In this mapping project, I trace the geographies of the continuing legacies of redlining in New York City. I map the changing building footprint in NYC, specifically mapping new buildings built between 2008 to 2018, to reveal the spatial patterns of gentrification within the geographies of redlining. You may compare the density of new buildings between redlined and greenlined neighborhoods to see where most developments (and changes in property value) are happening. Zoning/re-zoning along with and transit-oriented development are some of the common projects that facilitate gentrification. In one of the maps, you may establish connections between the geographies of redlining with current residential, commercials, manufacturing, special purpose districts and opportunity zones, as well as points of mobility (i.e., MTA subway lines and stops). I also look at the Smart City as a proposed mode of urban futurity, focusing on the locations of LinkNYC across the city, and to what extent the vision of a more connected and ‘smart’ city corresponds with or contest the spatial injustices of redlining. You may also visualize demographic patterns (White, Blacks, Latinx, Native Americans, Asians and other ethnic communities) within the city, making connections with the data on policing that disproportionately impact African-American communities in the city and how the patterns of NYPD arrests of people of color correspond to, or stretch, the geographies of redlining in the city. This is an ongoing mapping project. I welcome any questions or suggestions and would greatly appreciate any feedback.