Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation

Please read carefully the following guidelines and requirements when requesting for letters of recommendations. 

Students need to fulfill the following conditions in order for me to write a letter of recommendation:

1. Have taken at least two (2) of my courses and earned a grade of “A” or higher in one of the two courses, OR 

2. Have taken at least one (1) of my courses, earned an “A” or higher, and have declared a major or minor in Geography 

3. The deadline of submission of the letter of recommendation is at least two (2) weeks from the date of the request. 

When requesting for a letter of recommendation, students need to provide me all of the following: 

1. A copy of the student’s final application materials, such as personal essay, research statement, application letter, or any materials required by the grant or program or job that the student is applying for.

2. A copy of the student’s most recent resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

3. A copy of the student’s final research paper or final project submitted in my courses.

4. A brief note to inform me of specific strengths and qualities the student requests I emphasize in my letter of recommendation. 

5. The website URL that shows the description of the job, grant, scholarship or program the student is applying for.

6. The full name, title or position of the person, and institution I am writing the letter to.

7. Complete instructions how to submit the letter of recommendation (online, email, or hard-copy, etc.)

8. If a printed or hard-copy letter is required, students need to provide an addressed envelope (and stamped, if necessary).

9. Students must release rights to view the letters of recommendation. This means you waive your right to read or view the letter I am submitting on your behalf. 

If students do not meet or follow any of these guidelines and requirements, students need to find another mentor to write a letter on their behalf.