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April 23-25, 2019 | Human Resources LA



“The Future Takes a Long Time” (2014)

“Dance Los Angeles” (2015)

“City flow” (2016)

“Here, always moving” (2015)

“Cinema as Sanctuary”

ACTION!: Film screening and workshops series

Echo Park Film Center

Summer 2017

Special thanks to The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (Oscars) for the support.

Political documentary films take on a renewed role amid a reinvigorated rage against immigrants, refugees, and people of color in many places around the world. Through politically engaged cinematic work, many filmmakers are confronting old and new forms of racism, the deepening ungrievability of Black and Brown lives, and precarious realities faced by minority communities including indigenous peoples, the elderly, refugees, women and children. ACTION! series: Cinema as Sanctuaryfeatures political documentary films that re-assert the images and stories that remind us that a compassionate world rooted upon solidarity, friendship, and collective action is possible.